6ft Vendor Table

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6ft Table

Vendor Tables are limited to first come first serve. This table is good for our next expo. Description of what you sell must be put in the order to comments, otherwise your table may not be approved. Pictures of your display may also be requested if we have not seen it before. We will notify you (either email or phone) when we approve you to vend our show. Tablecloths are required at the expo. If you forget one, we will have a limited number available for sale at the front.


We have a 2 limit cap on live rodent feeders, Reptilian Arts is locked into one of the spots.



Why Vend with Us


  • We are encouraging the youth of the hobby, by offering free admission to kids 9 and under, and for kids between the ages of 10-17 with an all A’s and B’s report card.


  • We are working to become a monthly destination for vendors and customers! With our free photo booth, a fun, music filled atmosphere, and free water and coffee. We want to make the reptile purchasing experience fun! We are also offering the true hobbyists free admission, if they buy a certain amount of feeder insects each show, they can come back monthly! Those are the customers that will come show after show.


  • We are encouraging everyone to learn about the hobby, with our free book club! If more people learn about reptiles, and get interested, they will start coming to our almost monthly show to begin building their collection, from the vendors at our expo!


  • Our expo follows state law, requiring a vet to attend each expo and certify all animals are healthy! Customer LOVE this, and we have heard countless compliments, they really love knowing that their animal is going to be healthy when they get it. We pay for the vet to visit as well, it does not come from the vendor’s pocket.


  • We spend a lot of time and money marketing the expo, and attendance is increasing show after show! We advertise on Fauna, Kingsnake, Facebook, at other expos, and in our own packages we ship out everyday (to MD, DE, and PA customers) at DBDPet.